We are a build-to-print composite manufacturer specializing in aircraft interior components and secondary structures


Few can match our diverse composites experience and speed. We cater to all industries in need of the high tech solutions that a composite detail can provide. These industries include energy, ground transportation, marine and recreation.

At Stoddard we continue to explore and expand our customer base, providing innovative methods and new material technology.


Stoddard’s extensive composite capabilities include:

  • Compression Molding

  • Hand Lay-up

  • Plaster Casting (Ducting)

  • CNC & Hand Trimming

  • Wet Lay-up, Resin Transfer

  • Granicoat & Gelcoat

  • Decorative Application

  • Assembly

  • Product Development

  • Tooling


Stoddard began its existence in 1989 as a sub-contractor to the Boeing Company. Since that time, our company has expanded to supply composite components to major aerospace suppliers throughout the world.

Stoddard International maintains an AS9100/ISO9001 certification and prides themselves on their low costs, delivery and quality performance.